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About Us

We were fortunate enough to have a family that had farming roots in this lovely part of the province. A combined love of the outdoors, animals, and country life prompted us to consider resurrecting a farm on the old family homestead. After many farm visits, seminars, and research, we decided to leave city life behind and launch a completely new lifestyle.

– We are totally captivated by alpacas, and are completely absorbed by their unique personalities, and gorgeous fleece. Part of the joy we have in raising alpacas, has been making friends with other people who share the same passion for these adorable animals.

– We are delighted to be part of Haliburton's local commerce and Ontario's dynamic alpaca association.

– We remain committed to the growth of a strong provincial, national, and global alpaca industry.

– We pursue ongoing education from experts on alpaca care and attend numerous seminars each year to expand our knowledge base and learn new husbandry practices.

– We want the wonder of alpaca fibre to become known and valued by the general public, and to that aim, we personally skirt, sort, and send all our fleeces for processing at local mills. Our alpaca products are readily available for purchase at a reasonable price point.

– We believe in attention to detail in all of our alpaca husbandry activities. As a small breeder, our controlled herd size allows us to provide daily, individualized care and scrutiny for each alpaca. Our intent is to maximize the genetic potential and health of each alpaca through the provision of optimal nutrition, homeopathic remedies, and a safe, low stress environment.

– We are certified Camelidynamic handlers, and employ proven techniques when interacting with our alpacas to minimize their stress and help them feel safe.

– We have a custom built, modern main barn that is tailored to the safety and care of the alpacas. It includes a bright, well ventilated interior, a climate-controlled vet room, a comprehensive pharmacy, barn office, and a fresh supply of filtered water from automatic waterers. Our water is tested frequently to ensure ongoing quality.

– We don't automatically deworm our herd. Instead, we seek to minimize resistance to parasitic anthemintics by doing our own fecal analyses, and tailor deworming protocols for each alpaca.

– We are dedicated to giving our alpacas a clean environment. We routinely clean the pastures and barn twice a day, and remove manure far away from the farm environment.

– We feed our alpacas hay that is a blend of brome and orchard grasses, and we supplement our hay with free choice minerals and made-to-order pellets.

– We select a customized blend of grasses to seed our pastures, and the health of the fields is protected through rotational grazing.

– We place a high priority on maintaining a secure perimeter around our property. We have two layers of fencing that create a secure 10 foot wide corridor to separate the alpacas from possible predators and white-tailed deer. This corridor consists of a 6 foot no-climb fence on the exterior, and a 5 foot no-climb fence on the interior. The pastures have been designed to give the alpacas safe access to the main barn at anytime.

– Our quarantine facility allows a separation of alpacas from the main herd. It includes a separate barn, field, and paddock for the alpacas to enjoy.

– We are privileged to consult with a wonderful veterinarian who provides valuable care and advice for our alpaca herd health program.



Alpaca Ontario, Alpaca Canada, Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association, Empire Alpaca Association, Alpaca Registry Inc., Camelidynamics Guild Member and Certified Camelidynamics Handler


Value-Added Service

  • Quality alpacas, fairly priced
  • Custom packages
  • Alpacas are cared for by certified Camelidynamics handlers.
  • Favourable financing terms
  • Free delivery within Ontario
  • Agistment available
  • 60 Day live birth guarantee
  • Multiple purchase discounts
  • Herd management advice
  • Mentoring, education, and training for new breeders
  • 24/7 after-sales support
  • Complimentary DVD with photographs of purchased animals
  • Complete health records will accompany each alpaca
  • A Zepher halter will be fitted to your alpaca
  • Guaranteed reproductive soundness for all breeding stock
  • Guaranteed pregnancy status at the time of sale for each pregnant female
  • All sale alpacas are registered with the Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association
  • When Highgate clients purchase a female alpaca, they receive valuable "breed-back" rights as well as discounts on future breedings:
    • Purchase a non-pregnant female, and receive a free breeding to your choice of herdsire.
    • Purchase a pregnant female, and you receive a free breed-back the following year.
    • Purchase a weanling or non-pregnant yearling female, and get two free breedings.



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