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Alpaca Canada: www.alpacacanada.com

Alpaca Ontario: www.alpacaontario.ca

CLAA (Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association): www.claacanada.com

CLRC (Canadian Livestock Records Corporation): www.clrc.ca

A.L.P.A.C.A. (Alpaca Livestock Producers and Cooperators Association): www.alpaca.ca

NFC (Natural Fibre Centre, Olds College): www.oldscollege.ca

AOBA (Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association: www.alpacainfo.com

ARI (Alpaca Registry Inc.): www.alpacaregistry.net

Alpaca Research Foundation: www.alpacaresearchfoundation.org

International Camelid Institute: www.icinfo.org

Ohio State University: www.vet.ohio-state.edu

Yocom-McColl Wool Testing Labs: www.ymccoll.com

New Zealand Alpaca Association: www.alpaca.org.nz

Camelidynamics: www.camelidynamics.com



The International Camelid Quarterly (CQ): Published quarterly, Canada

Alpacas Magazine: Published quarterly, USA

Alpacas Australia: Published 3 times per year, Australia

Alpacas World Magazine: Published quarterly, England


Reference Material

Alpaca Field Manual, Dr. Norman Evans

The Complete Alpaca Book, Eric Hoffman

Camelid Companion, Marty McGee Bennett

Medicine and Surgery of the South American Camelid, Dr. Murray Fowler

Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care: Dr. Bradford Smith, Dr. Karen Timm, Dr. Patrick Long

Caring for Llamas and Alpacas, Claire Hoffman


Vendors of Alpaca Products

Useful Llama Items: www.useful-items.com

Light Livestock Equipment: www.lightlivestockequipment.com

Canadian Co-Operative Wool Growers

Camelidynamics: www.camelidynamics.com



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